Surveybot is now an official Facebook Workplace Partner

We’re excited to announce that Surveybot is now an official Facebook Workplace Product Partner. Ever since we started supporting Facebook Workplace we’ve seen a lot of interest in using chatbot surveys within companies for HR purposes.

With the Facebook Workplace partnership we’ll be working with the Facebook Workplace team to distribute Surveybot to more companies on Workplace as well as work with the product team on¬†future Facebook Workplace updates.

We see a lot of opportunities to use chatbot surveys in the Workplace as companies are becoming more collaborative and migrate to chat based communications systems. With Workplace we’re able to offer a lot of the same features as we do in Messenger and more.

If you’re interested in using Surveybot with your Facebook Workplace get in touch with us to setup a time for a demo – book a demo.

Liam Houlahan

Liam is the founder of Surveybot. After years of working in a consumer focused startup Liam experienced first hand the difficulties in engaging with consumers at scale. Now focused on Surveybot Liam aims to help other businesses engage their audiences to capture data and feedback more efficiently with Surveybot!

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