Announcing our new Zapier integration!

We are happy to announce that Surveybot is now live on Zapier, allowing you to connect Surveybot to all your favorite apps.

Collecting data via Surveybot is just the first step in how your organization conducts research. You may need to add survey respondents to a CRM, send follow-up emails, or organize your data in different productivity tools. With our new Zapier integration, you can automatically update your apps whenever you receive a survey response. This will help you manage your survey responses and ultimately make better business decisions. Learn how to connect your Surveybot account to Zapier

To help you get started with this integration, we have created numerous Zap templates that connect Surveybot to the most popular apps. Check out our ready made Zaps!

Connect Surveybot to your CRM:

Add leads to your marketing lists:

Get notified of new survey responses:

Don’t see the Zap you need? You can create your own from scratch in the Zap editor. Learn more here

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