New updates – April

We’ve continued developing Surveybot based on your feedback. Thanks for all your feedback and do keep it coming. Check out the latest updates below:

Email alerts

You can now get an email alert whenever someone responds to your survey. The email contains all the questions and answers for the response.

Survey email alerts

Merge fields

Use merge fields in your questions and messages to include respondent names and other fields.

Survey question merge fields

Messenger codes

If you have an auto start survey you can get respondents to use your messenger code to initiate the survey. Check it out on the “Collect” tab of your survey.

Survey messenger codes

Answer piping

You can now pipe answer values to future questions in a survey. This can be handy if you want to follow up about an answer e.g. “You answered “bannanas” as your favourite fruit….”

Survey answer piping

Survey builder design

We’ve given the survey builder a bit of a facelift. You should now find it more organised and easier to do drag/drop re-ordering.

Survey builder design

Emoji question options

Easily select emojis for your multi choice question options in the survey builder.

Survey options emojis

Image questions

Capture images from respondents with the image question type. Respondents can send images from messenger and they are captured in Surveybot.

Survey image questions

Multi choice echo

We’ve been trying to improve the checkbox question type to make it more intuitive. When someone answers a checkbox question the answer is now echoed back to them in messenger.

Multi choice question answers echo.

We hope you like these changes! If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email

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