Surveybot Beta

We’re excited to announce the launch of our beta. Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far with their feedback. It’s been very helpful.

Here’s a rundown of all the new features available:

New Question Types

We’ve added some new question types to help make it easier for you to capture your data:

  • Video capture – respondents can send you short video responses from within Messenger.
  • Audio capture – capture audio responses directly from Messenger.
  • Star rating – a simple 5 star rating to see how respondents rate you!
  • Likert scale – easily add a 6 option likert scale to your questions.

Keyword logic

Setup jump logic in your questions for different keywords that appear in a question answer. You can add as many keywords as you like as well as a fallback question to jump to if none of the keywords appear.

Keyword logic

Improved Survey Builder

The Survey Builder is now a lot quicker at loading and saving questions. The Survey builder now paginates your questions which is handy if you have a large survey. We’ve also enhanced the way it saves your questions.

Quick add messages

You can now easily add messages in between your questions as you build your survey. You’ll see a separate button at the bottom of the survey or current question for adding messages.

Copy Questions

A lot of the time when you build surveys you’ll have slight variations of a question occur multiple times. Like using likert scales etc. This can be tedious so we’ve now added the ability to copy questions as you create your surveys. You’ll see the copy button in the top right of each question in the Survey builder.

Copy Surveys

You can now copy an entire survey after it has been created. This is handy if you want to use surveys as templates and create other surveys from them. (the copy survey button is located under the Settings tab on the Design page).

Custom error messages

Set the default error messages and other messages for your survey. This is handy if you want to ensure your entire survey is in another language, or you might want to add more personality to your survey. (you can set your default messages for your survey from the Settings tab -> Advanced)

Messenger Codes

Every survey you create now has a unique Messenger Code that can be used to start it. This is handy if you need people to start your survey when they’re not online like at an event. (you’ll find your Messenger code for your survey under the “Collect” tab).

Segment Panels by Profile Attributes

Profile segments enables you to create segments in your panels based on the profile attributes for a respondent. You can match attributes based on conditions like “contains”, “starts with”, “greater than” and more.

Segment Panels by Question answers

Question segments enables you to segment your panels based on the answers to questions in previous surveys. You can create conditions for as many questions as you want and even segment with questions from different surveys.

Facebook Workplace

With Facebook Workplace integration you can now create and distribute HR surveys across Facebook Workplace to your employees.

Multiple team members

Surveybot now supports multi user accounts. Add as many team members as you like and set parameterized permissions for each team member.

Response notifications

Setup notification users for each of your surveys to receive email notifications whenever a new survey response arrives. (to set up your notifications, from the Design page go to Settings -> Notifications)


Integrate your survey responses in realtime with over 750 apps and any system you need. Surveybot now supports Zapier integrations and has a Data API + Webhooks to do all this.

New website

And last but not least we have a shiny new website. There’s a slick new design as well as a whole lot of content about all the different features Survey bot supports. You can check it out here.

We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email



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