AB Testing Chatbot Surveys to get better results

AB Testing Chatbot Surveys to get better results
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When you’re doing surveys it’s always important to test how effective your surveys are. It can be frustrating if you aren’t getting the completion results that you desire. A lot of the time it isn’t always clear why respondents are aren’t completing your surveys.
We’re excited to announce AB Testing for your chatbot surveys on Surveybot!
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Overview of chatbot survey ab test.

How AB Testing chatbot surveys can improve completion rates

AB Testing chatbot surveys can be a really easy way to test different hypothesis you might have on how to improve the completion rates. With the new “AB Test” campaigns from Surveybot, AB testing your chatbot surveys has never been easier.
All you have to do is create one or more copies of your original survey that you’d like to test. In each of your copies you can make different changes to the content of your survey based on your hypothesis of what might help improve it. Common variations could include different question text, different question types and of course change the length of the total questions in your surveys.
Then Surveybot will handle managing your AB test by doing the following:
  • Sending an equal number of your survey variations to respondents.
  • Calculating the completion rates of each survey.
  • Calculating the confidence levels of your AB Test to ensure that your sample size is statistically significant.
  • Estimating the probability of which survey is most likely to be the winner in your AB test.
You can AB test your surveys with any campaign type in Surveybot. This helps with understanding how respondents answer your surveys when they come through different channels. For example respondents who answer a survey from a promoted post on your Facebook Page may respond better to shorter surveys than those who answer when you message them directly over Facebook Messenger.
To get started with AB Testing your chatbot surveys in Surveybot take a look at our how to video below:
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