10 Best Market Research Tools to Check out in 2021
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Let’s start off with a question.
‘Do you want to run an average business or a flourishing business?’
Well, we assume most of you would have definitely chosen the latter because you can’t thrive in a cut-throat business environment with an average business. You need to stay ahead of the curve to be noticed.
That being the case, one needs to know the A-Z of market requirements and trends. You need to understand what your customer expects, procure detailed insights on customer pain points, know economic shifts, analyze competition, and demographics to be at the top of your game.
Now, that demands a robust market research system that will provide you with reliable data and insights. Well, finding the said can’t be done on your own. You need the help of tools that will obtain all the required data with the power of automation and analytics. What you need are suitable market research tools!

Top 10 Market Research Tools to Look up in 2021

We have curated a list of the best market research tools after a thorough screening of the over-crowded marketThese market research tools will help you conduct an extensive research procedure that will help you attract and convert more customers to your business.
So, Here you go. Take a look at the top 10 market research tools.
  1. Surveybot
  1. Google Keywords
  1. Google Analytics
  1. Google Trends
  1. GrowthBar
  1. Make My Persona
  1. Pew Research Center
  1. Social Mention
  1. Ahref
  1. Qualtrics

1. Surveybot

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Facebook has become one of the most popular online business hubs now, thanks to its 2.6 billion active users. It is one of the biggest reasons why Facebook remains an excellent platform to conduct market research.
Surveybot helps you conduct market research on Facebook and Facebook Workplace in the easiest way possible. You can survey your target audience via the Messenger app itself. This is a total win-win situation because of its convenience.
Your respondents can fill in the survey from the comfort of Messenger itself and will not be redirected to another page, saving their time. This way more users will be inclined to answer the conversational survey which in turn increases your response rates. Well, more response rates mean more reliable market research surveys and better decisions.

2. Google Keywords Planner

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There’s nothing more important than finding the right set of keywords for an SEO marketer. You would want to know what is being searched the most in your niche, the intensity of competition for the particular keyword, and then curate the right content to lure your targeted audience to your site. Google’s Keyword Planner lets you do just that!
Undoubtedly, one of the best market research software, Google’s Keyword Planner aids marketers to identify and find reliable keyword data, like the related search terms, keyword suggestions, search volume for the suggested keyword, competition intensity, and ad group ideas, etc. All these data will be presented to you as per the period of time entered by you.
In short, this fabulous keyword tool of Google sheds a light on your consumer and lead behavior when they search online for products or services.
However, there is a prerequisite for using the keyword planner; you will have to create an account in Google Adwords. Yet, that wouldn’t be much of a problem, in the long run, owing to the versatility and efficiency of the tool.

3. Google Analytics

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For marketers, Google Analytics does not need an introduction at all. It is their go-to market research tool. Though the tool may not be the complete market research solution in every aspect, it can provide nuggets of information that are absolute gold!
You can find out how visitors and customers behave when they are on your site, which page has the most number of sessions, the number of conversions from your website, the interactions from your social networking pages, and many more.
All in all, Google Analytics lets you measure advertising ROI, track website traffic, and monitor the views and interactions acquired from videos and social pages, etc.
Google Analytics helps you understand your target audience and customers better. It helps you procure actionable insights that can support better business decisions.
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Google Trends depicts a clear picture of what people are currently searching the most on the web. This market research tool tells you what is trending in your niche and lets you track the search volume and identify patterns with respect to the current time and preferred geographic location.
It also gives you an idea of what is trending in social media as well. This lets you know your consumer behavior in both social media and search engines.
But that’s not all! Google Trends also helps you trace the latest industry news and the opinions and trends following it.

5. GrowthBar

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Conduct market research on the go with GrowthBar’s Chrome extension in place. GrowthBar is one of those solutions that let you perform your market research in a flash. You don’t have to open a separate page or an app for researching. With GrowthBar, you can do it from the comfort of your Google search page itself.
Discover crucial data about your competition. Understand the pattern of keywords used, identify which keywords are boosting a particular page’s performance, and find the growth channels they leverage.
With GrowthBar, you can observe the data of any website related to organic traffic, keyword search volume, top organic keywords, paid keywords, and suggested keywords. All this data will help you know more about the functioning of your competition and unlock areas that can promote the growth of your business.

6. Make My Persona

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Hubspot’s free tool, Make My Persona, is yet another interesting and highly useful market research solution that helps you build a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a descriptive picture or model of an ideal customer that represents your target audience and is acquired through market research and existing customer data.
A marketer needs to identify and flesh out the ideal buyer persona for his business so that the time and resources can be assigned appropriately for developing products and services.
Make My Persona helps you design your ideal buyer persona through some semi-fictitious characters. You can create the persona based on demographics, industry, goals, challenges, and other deciding factors. When so much is done, the tool delivers the profile of your buyer persona, which can then be shared with your team.

7. Pew Research Center

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Pew Research Center is a platform that offers a series of free market research tools to help you understand and study your target market. Marketers can procure transparent data and draw insightful conclusions as per the analysis across a vast range of different areas like social media, global interest, news, social and demographic trends, political policies and public opinion, etc.
Moreover, the platform has a very intuitive UI and well-defined charts that convey granular data of each entity as you hover over it.

8. Social Mention

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Social media has become an integral part of marketing in the last few years. Be it for selling products/services or building your brand, social networking platforms play a vital role. Come to think of it, a brand’s followers can soar up to a few million within a day if a content goes viral on social media.
When that’s the case, you need to know what’s happening in social media surrounding your niche. Social Mention is one such market research platform that helps you understand what’s trending in social networking sites.
This real-time social media search engine enables you to search for a keyword, displays social posts that feature the keyword especially recent ones, a set of related keywords along with deeply insightful data.

9. Ahref

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The popular market research solution, Ahref offers an entire toolset for SEO content marketers. The powerful SEO software suite consists of various tools that help marketers to build links, track both internal and external links of your site, monitor website traffic, analyze competitor pages, find page rankings, identify keywords to be targeted, and a lot more.
Ahref also has a very interactive dashboard that contains charts, graphs, and reports about the performance of your website in different areas of SEO marketing. This comprehensive SEO toolset can go a long way in improving your marketing strategies.

10. Qualtrics

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Qualtrics is a survey software that helps you collect important data and feedback from both customers and prospects. The data thus collected will help you know your market better, understand the pain points of the customer that your product/service failed to solve, how satisfied the customers are with your product/service, spending characteristics of your prospects, and a lot more.
Another amazing feature of Qualtrics is the provision of an audience panel. All you have to do is choose a target audience and the platform gives you access to a sample that represents the same. You can then survey this audience panel and get rich insights.
The data thus collected will aid you in obtaining insights that can give rise to refined and improved business decisions to help increase customer experience and profitability.

Winding Up

The prominence of market research can never be stressed enough. Instincts may not help you always. Ideas backed by strong market research decides the probability of success, which is why you can’t afford to select any random market research solutions.
Our curated list here will help you select the best market research tools for your enterprise. Go through each tool, compare its features with your marketing requirements and if it checks all the boxes, then the market research tool is apt for your business.
Well, let’s not linger any more. Go on, find your ideal market research tools!
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