4 Ways to Improve Chatbot Survey Response Rates from Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Surveying the audience on Facebook through interactive chatbots has almost become mandatory nowadays owing to the increased usage of the platform. But how to increase the chatbot survey response rate? That still remains a question.
Now, you can keep your worries aside because we are just about to tell you how to increase your response rates when your chatbot survey is synced with your Facebook Ad Campaign.

How to Improve your Chatbot Survey Response Rates

Once you’ve created your Facebook Ad campaign and synced it with Surveybot, you are all set to start collecting the chatbot survey responses you need. However, if you feel like you are not receiving the survey response rate you want, try some of these tips to help jump start the process.

1. Use “buttons” instead of “quick replies” for the opening message to increase the chatbot survey start rate.

This is because the quick replies appear at the bottom of the screen and people don’t always see them, whereas the buttons appear right below the message.
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2. Target newer phones to reach respondents with “newer” versions of Messenger.

A lot of bot features don’t work on older versions of messenger and Facebook has not provided insight into this yet.
To target audiences with new versions of messenger and improving the survey response rate from this section of respondents, you will need to edit your placement options when creating your Facebook Ad.
To do this go to:
Placements > Edit Placements >
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Advanced Options > Specific Mobile Devices & OS >
Then, select the range of OS versions you want to include.
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3. Select “messages” as your Facebook marketing objective.

When you set up an ad campaign instead of clicking “traffic” try the “messages” option for your marketing objective. This is a new feature from Facebook and can help improve your engagement with respondents and increase the survey response rate on messenger.
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4. Try a Facebook post campaign instead.

You can use Surveybot to generate unique “short link” to include in your Facebook post. This can be more effective on a desktop because it opens “messenger.com” in a completely new window instead of the small chat pop-up at the bottom of the screen that people can sometimes overlook.
Facebook Ad Example:
The small chatbox pop-up can be missed or ignored.
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Facebook Post Example:
But when people click on the link in a Facebook post…
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It opens a whole new page inside messenger.
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Collect the Responses you Need

We hope you find these tips helpful! If you are already a Surveybot user we encourage you to log on now and try out these new tips to improve your chatbot survey response rate from the Facebook Ad campaign.
If you are not already on Surveybot, it’s the perfect time to start a free trial! You can find more information by clicking the button below.
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As always, Happy Surveying!
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Johnny Tong

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