Decrease Survey Abandonment Rates Effectively

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Survey abandonment is a huge problem most will face when conducting surveys with their audience. There is a multitude of reasons like survey length, the relevancy of questions, and lack of engagement that ultimately leads to an increase in survey abandonment rates.
Well, Surveybot’s chatbot surveys have proved to decrease survey abandonment rates by keeping the respondents hooked to surveys by providing a conversational experience and we are extremely happy about that.
However, people have other causes of distraction too which can result in survey abandonment and it might not be the survey’s fault entirely. So we’re always thinking up new ways to keep respondents engaged with their surveys.
We’re excited to announce “Re-engagement rules” for surveys. Re-engagement rules enable you to re-engage respondents at a later date if they start a survey but don’t complete it. Here are the details:

Re-engagement Rules

From the survey design tab you will now see the “Re-engagement” tab. Here you can add your rules by selecting a time period and entering the message you want to send respondents.
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Respondent Opt-in

When a re-engagement rule triggers the respondent will be asked to opt-in. You can set the text you want to show in the opt-in options in the survey designer.
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Multiple Rules

You can set up multiple rules to run at different periods. This comes in handy when someone doesn’t complete their survey after the first re-engagement. Then, you can follow up again at a later time.
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We hope you like these changes!
If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email
Johnny Tong

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Johnny Tong

Chief Human @ Surveybot