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We’re excited to announce that you can now use Surveybot to interact with your website visitors!
You work hard to attract visitors to your website. Engaging with these visitors can help you connect with interested leads and give you valuable insight. For example, you may want to ask website visitors about what they are looking for to determine their interest in your service. Alternatively, you may be trying to gauge your net promoter score and question visitors about their overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend your organization. The problem is, visitors may navigate away from your website before you get any meaningful information. Or they may input incorrect contact information, making it impossible for your to follow-up with them. When this happens, you just have to wait and hope they come back to continue the conversation.
With our new website integration feature, you can start surveying website visitors while they browse your site and continue the conversation from anywhere. This is done by integrating Surveybot with the Facebook Messenger Customer Chat Plugin. The plugin adds a Facebook Messenger widget to the bottom right corner of your website, where visitors can simply respond to your Surveybot surveys. Surveying visitors via Facebook Messenger has multiple benefits.

Personalized chat experience

Most likely, your website visitors are signed in to their Facebook accounts when they navigate to your website. The chat plugin automatically recognizes website visitors, allowing you to greet them with their first names and immediately engage with them without collecting any personal information. The survey experience is seamless and personal, making website visitors more likely to respond to your surveys.

Continue your conversation from anywhere

Your website visitors may navigate away from your website before finishing a survey. With this integration, website visitors can continue your surveys from their phone, tablet, or where ever they use Messenger. The conversation history is saved in Messenger and conversations will continue exactly where they left off. The same goes if someone started a survey before navigating to your website. In this case, when someone navigates to your website, they can continue the survey where ever they left off. Conversations will be seamless and intuitive across each touchpoint.

Simple follow-up

Now, let’s say you want to follow-up with website visitors you’ve already interacted with. You may want to send them additional surveys regarding their experience with your organization or to see if there is anything else you can help them with. Anyone who started a survey on your website is automatically added to you panel, making it easy for you to follow-up with them directly in Messenger. You don’t need to collect any additional information, or worry that they may have provided the wrong email address. Reengaging website visitors will be simple and automatic.
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Johnny Tong

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