The Facebook Chatbot your Business demands

The Facebook Chatbot your Business demands
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What is a Facebook Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated messaging software that can interact with people, understand what is being said, and provide relevant responses. A Facebook Chatbot is what you come across as a greeting text or messages through messenger while visiting certain Facebook pages. Facebook chatbots generally use AI to converse with people to address their queries, gather feedback and conduct repetitive tasks in a seamless yet interactive way.

Why use Facebook Chatbot?

Gain maximum benefits with minimum efforts. Understand the importance of Facebook chatbots and utilize them to change the way customers engage with brands in order to benefit your business. Set up a Facebook chatbot to reduce human workload and errors by 60-70%. Find potential customers, boost customer engagement, answer queries, collect feedback, and more via efficient Facebook chatbots.
  • Lead Generation
    • Leverage the intelligence of the Facebook chatbot to generate and qualify leads via Facebook Messenger. Display the Messenger bot when a user clicks on your ad or page and strike up an engaging conversation to make him/her more familiar with your brand and pique the interest. Such personal and one to one conversations has the potential to engage users and convert them into potential customers.
  • Employee Feedback
    • Build a better work environment to engage your employees by surveying them in Facebook Workplace through a Messenger bot. Run a feedback survey to know how happy your employees are, what improvements they expect, what part of the work culture they are not satisfied with, and gauge their loyalty. Analyze the responses to identify the functional flaws of your organization as a workplace and areas that need improvement so that you can build a healthy relationship with your employees.
  • Customer Feedback
    • Stay on top of your business by improving performance, increasing sales, and more with the help of a chatbot. Use Facebook Messenger bots for your business to collect customer feedback in the most interactive manner. Identify customer requirements, trace buyer persona, likes, and dislikes to improve customer experience and bring about positive outcomes in your business. Create engaging feedback surveys using a Facebook chatbot to gather reliable data and higher completion rates.
  • Auto Replies
    • Deliver immediate responses to your audience as it is the prime factor that is always looked forward to. Make the most of the auto-reply feature of the Messenger bots to fulfill the requirements of your respondents, multiply your social media conversion rates exponentially, build loyalty and a long term relationship with the audience through minimum effort.
  • Market Research
    • Gather information about the company’s target market to understand the feasibility of a new product or service. Conduct market research through carefully curated surveys and deploy it to the Facebook Chatbot to interpret data efficiently in order to make important business decisions. Also, let the respondents use the convenience of the Messenger app to easily fill the chatbot surveys and complete them so that you can procure more response rates.
  • Academic Research
    • Find the facts, opinions and insights needed to base your academic research on. Identify a researchable audience, curate relevant questions and collect reliable data on your topic of research by leveraging the Facebook bot.
  • Social Media Research
    • Find the true feelings and opinions of users by conducting a social media research survey via Facebook chatbot. Understand how the social media audience relates to a topic, what are the new trends they follow and their behavioral signals to make changes in your business or base your research paper on.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Messenger bots for business?

Tap into the unique benefits offered by a Facebook chatbot and incorporate them into your business for the best results.
  • Increase your sales
    • Use the Facebook Messenger bot as a sales channel in business. Combine it with Facebook Messenger Ads to bring a significant increase in your sales with the automated messaging provisions of the Facebook chatbot. With all this done, the shopping experience can be improved and more customers can be procured.
  • Boost engagement
    • Handle more customers and chat with them in the most conversational manner with AI-powered Facebook Chatbots. Create personalized conversation experience and build robust one to one customer relationships.
  • Build brand awareness
    • Leverage your Facebook chatbot to communicate more about your company and what it does to people who have just started following your brand. Convey about the brand in a more appealing manner to capture the interest of your target audience. With such an approach, a cold audience can be turned into a warm audience, which moves them one step closer to being a potential customer.
  • Encourage more website/product page visits
    • Set up a conversation in the Facebook bot to direct the audience to your website or product pages. Add a shop button to the menu or just curate a well-structured conversation leading to the link of the product page.
  • Personalized user experience
    • Add value to the customer experience by driving a personalized conversation in real-time via Facebook Messenger Bots. Gather data through conversations and optimize it to deliver a highly personalized user experience.
  • Re-engage customers
    • Leverage the Facebook chatbot’s capability to retain information to boost the re-engagement quotient. A Messenger bot can approach inactive customers personally and offer them the right service at the right time in order to re-engage them.
  • Cost-effective
    • Set your Facebook Chatbot to collect crucial data, and answer simple queries instead of assigning an individual for the purpose. By doing so, the Messenger bot not only saves oodles of time but also helps reduce the dependence of manpower on simple tasks, letting your agents focus on more important work.
  • Higher response rates
    • Gain a reliably high response rate with Facebook messenger bots. Engage the audience and gather data via human-like conversations, which makes them be at ease and interact more effectively within the comfort of the Messenger app.
  • Quickness
    • Use conversations backed by AI to automatically reply to questions and gather data within seconds. Answer inquiries, ask questions as per the answer provided by the audience, and execute tasks swiftly without having to make them wait.

How to create a chatbot on Facebook (step-by-step guide!)

Create a Facebook chatbot for your business in a breeze just by following these few simple steps below:
  1. Sign up to SurveyBot free through the link below
  1. Connect your Facebook page with Surveybot
  1. Run through the in-app tutorial to get a solid idea
  1. Create your welcome message
  1. Set a default answer.
  1. Do not forget to add the message button to your Facebook page.

How to create a Facebook survey using Surveybot’s Messenger bot

Creating interactive surveys on Facebook is now a piece of cake, thanks to Surveybot. Design an efficient chatbot survey in minutes and engage your users. Your Facebook users can now fill surveys in Messenger itself without having to be redirected out of the application, thus helping you gather higher response rates.
Build a Facebook survey via Surveybot’s Messenger bot and see the difference for yourself.
  1. Create an account with Surveybot (It’s free and doesn’t require a credit card)
  1. Connect your Facebook page
    1. Make sure you have created a Facebook page beforehand.
    2. Navigate to Bots and connect your Facebook page.
  1. Click on the “Create Survey” tab to get started.
  1. Choose Templates or create one on your own
    1. Surveybot allows you to use the pre-written templates or design your survey questionnaire from scratch.
  1. Apply the logic
  1. Set the reminders to track responses.
  1. Preview the survey before it goes live and check if you missed out on anything.
  1. Your survey is all set to go to the inboxes!
  1. Share your survey in a preferred method
    1. Send the survey directly to panel subscribers
    2. Share the survey through Facebook posts or Ads
    3. Send it to your audience as a unique short link
    4. Embed your Facebook Messenger on your website
  1. View summaries of responses and understand insights at a glance through visualized data
  1. Export your survey responses.

You may also check this video tutorial to build your Facebook Chatbot Survey

Video preview

Why is Surveybot the best Facebook chatbot?

Choose the best Facebook Messenger bot for your business. Make sure your Facebook chatbot contains features that makes your surveys exceptionally engaging. Switch to Surveybot if you want your surveys to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Survey audience in Facebook
    • Create chatbot surveys in Facebook using Surveybot’s chatbot builder and effortlessly deploy them in Messenger. Choose from a variety of question types, advanced conversational logic, answer piping, and others from our suite of features to make your chatbot surveys more conversational and engaging.
  • Conduct surveys within the Messenger bot
    • Survey your audience within the comfort of Messenger instead of directing them to an external link. Such a provision delivers an easier survey taking experience for the audience without any interruptions which often increases the tendency to complete the chatbot surveys, thus, boosting the response rate.
  • Set-up customized text
    • Deliver a personalized user experience by surveying them with our advanced Facebook Chatbot. Customize the greeting text to approach your users when they open your page in Facebook Messenger. Curate advanced Welcome messages, give options to your respondents, and set-up the Messenger menu to link to your website and product pages.
  • Distribute surveys with Campaigns
    • Create Campaigns. Send chatbot surveys to your subscribers over Messenger or distribute your surveys through Facebook posts to seamlessly auto-start them when someone comments. Also, maximize your research and target respondents with Facebook Ads.
  • Build Custom survey panel
    • Employ the Facebook Messenger chatbot to build your own survey panel of subscribers. Create custom panel segments to categorize your subscribers based on their profile attributes, questions answered and surveys completed, etc.
  • Improve the quality of responses
    • Utilize the Messenger bot to provide a highly conversational experience to engage the audience and keep them hooked to your chatbot surveys. Further, boost the engagement quotient and by letting your audience have a seamless survey taking experience within the comfort of Messenger. The more engaged your audience is the better will be the quality of responses and so will be the quantity.

The Facebook Bot that makes all the difference 

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