Facebook Lead Generation: How to smartly generate more qualified leads on Facebook

Facebook Lead Generation: How to smartly generate more qualified leads on Facebook
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If you’re a marketer, if you’re under pressure of bringing leads or traffic, the first thing that comes in your mind would be Facebook Lead Generation Ads. Because it’s so easy to create, and with Facebook’s partner network and advanced audience filter options, it helps you reach your target audience without much sweat. Most importantly, it’s so cost-effective. You can set your budget, be it daily or lifetime, and push the campaign at the earliest.
Having 1.3 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook is the marketers’ hotspot anyday, be it for B2B or B2C marketing.
Well, here are some quick insights to brush up your knowledge on Facebook ads:
  • 0.90% is the average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads across all industries.
  • 9.21% is the average conversion rate for Facebook ads across all industries.
  • $1.72 is the average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads across all industries.
  • $18.68 is the average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across all industries.
  • $7.19 is the average cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) for Facebook ads across all industries.
I hope you’ve got a generic idea about how Facebook lead ads perform in the real world. Now let’s jump into the steps on creating the ads.

#1 Facebook Lead Generation Ads

This is the first and the most common way of creating Facebook lead generation ads.
Here’s the step by step guide:
  1. Go to Facebook Business Suite
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  1. Select your Facebook Page from the drop down menu placed above the Home button.
  1. Click on “Promote”.
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  1. Select “Get More Leads”, which is also the recommended option by Facebook.
  1. Now you need to name the form and customize the form the way you want. For instance, you can style the text, add the needful questions in the form.
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      Make sure you don’t ask too many questions.
  • If you’re running a B2C ad, ask name and number. Well, if you have to do an email campaign later on, ask for their email id as well in the lead form.
  • If you’re running a B2B ad, add fields for name , email , designation and company details in the lead form.
  1. Click on “Save Form”.
  1. Now you’ll be redirected to edit the ad. There you can add the image, headline, text, and choose the type of call-to-action button.
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You can also preview how the ad will look like in mobile, news feed and other places by clicking the dropdown placed above the ad preview.
  1. Now you need to set your target audience.
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      You can either select the Audience which you already have or create from scratch.
      To create from scratch, click on Create New Audience and you’ll be shown a popup form.
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      Here you can name your audience, select the gender, age, locations, interests and more, and save.
      Now you need to select the new audience you just created.
  1. Once you’re done with the audience, set the budget and duration of the ad. You can see the estimated reach of your ad and how much it will cost you per day. Then save the ad and send it for review.
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  • Start with 7 days.
  • Make sure you put an end date to it.
  • Come back after 24 hours once your ad starts running, and see how it performs. You can do some tweaks and make it better in between. Remember, once you edit the ad, it will go for the review. Only once it’s approved, will it resume running.
  1. Once it’s approved by Facebook you’ll be notified and your campaign will be live. You can check the real-time happenings in the dashboard itself.
  • Analyze the ad; how it performs for the first seven days and make a decision on whether you should continue or not.

Bonus Tip

The above method might get you more conversions. However, you might be disappointed with the quality leads you get. Because, the form pre-populates respondents’ name, email and phone number which they have already used to create their Facebook account. This makes even a half-minded person to simply fill up the form. And when you try to reach out to such people they may neither take the phone nor respond to your emails.
So in such a case I would suggest to go for the option “Get More Website Visitors”, and redirect the respondents to your landing or contact us page where they can fill up their details.
The thing is if your respondents are so interested in your service, they will definitely take that little effort to fill up the details in your website form.
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So here are the steps to follow:
  1. Go to “Get More Website Visitors”.
  1. You’ll be shown a popup where you can add the landing page URL, ad text, image, audience, and budget.
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  1. Now you can make it live and wait for the approval.
Things to note:
  • If you have a SaaS product or an e-commerce website where users can simply signup and get started, it’s better to go with the second option.
  • If you have a service, you may choose the former option.

#2 Facebook Lead Generation Using Surveybot.io (The smart way)

Being a marketer, you’ll have to try and test other options available to find out which works the best in your scenario.
The Facebook lead ad which we discussed above is too common for the Facebook users. In such a case, you won’t be able to deliver a ‘wow’ feel to them when they engage with your lead ad. So you might need to think about something unconventional and unique to highly engage with your audience to get more qualified leads.
Since that’s the case, Surveybot would be an ideal choice for your Facebook lead generation campaign.

So what’s Surveybot and how it works?

Surveybot is an intelligent chatbot tool that lets you collect answers from respondents via Facebook Messenger and Facebook Workplace. With Surveybot, you can survey your audience in their favorite messenger app which will result in improved user engagement and quality conversions.

Why Surveybot?

Unlike the usual Facebook lead ad, it works like a true chat. That is, when someone clicks on your ad, it will open the messenger screen. If he/she is on a mobile, it will popup the messenger app instead. Now the questions in the lead generation survey will be triggered in a conversational way making it more engaging.  The end-user is provided an experience wherein it almost feels like chatting with an actual person at the other end.This will definitely increase the qualified conversion rate by upto 50%.

How to create a Facebook lead generation ad using Surveybot?

From creating an account on Surveybot to sharing the survey, you can find all the steps here.
NB: While creating the survey, you can select the pre-written Lead Generation survey questionnaire to get started in a jiffy.
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5 ways to generate leads from Facebook using Surveybot

Now you know how to create a chatbot survey using Surveybot. So let’s learn how to generate leads.
  1. Facebook Post
    1. With this you can share the survey just like you share any webpage on your wall. You can do this from the Surveybot dashboard itself. When someone clicks on your survey link on Facebook, the Messenger window will popup and the respondent can take the survey.
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  1. Facebook Post Ad
    1. Once you’ve created the survey, you can share it via Facebook Post Ad. All you have to do is go to “Collect”, and click “Facebook Post Ad”. Now you’ll be redirected to Facebook Ads Manager. There you can set up the rest of your campaign.
      To get more insights, please check this article.
  1. Messenger Ads (Sponsored Message)
    1. It works just like the Facebook Post Ad. Instead of promoting it as a Facebook feed, it will be shown as a sponsored content in the Messenger. This will be more convenient for the respondents as it  pops up within the Messenger. And this results in a higher completion rate than the rest.
  1. Unique link sharing
    1. If you want to share the lead generation survey in different Whatsapp, Facebook or LinkedIn groups, this is the best way to do it. With unique link sharing you get a unique URL whenever you create a link to share on each group. With this you will know from which group you got the specific response.
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      • To generate a new unique link, go to “collect” and click “Links & Widget”
      • Now click on “Create Link”
      • A popup will be shown. Add the link name and select the survey for which you want to create the unique short link.
  1. Messenger
    1. Sending Direct Messenger surveys is the best way to collect responses from your audience. For this you need to have respondents in your audience panel. Respondents will be automatically added to your panel when they take a survey.
      If you haven’t conducted any survey earlier, you won’t be able to run Direct Messenger surveys. In such cases you can do the other surveys mentioned above. Once you have users in your panel, get started with this method. The best thing about the Direct Messenger survey is the higher completion rate since you’ve already communicated with your respondents in your previous survey.

Bonus Tips

When you do a lead generation survey, offer your respondent some incentive. A few of the recommended incentives are below:
  • If you have enough budget, offer them something like a $10 Amazon voucher.
  • Well, if you’ve a SaaS product you can give them free usage for 1 month.
  • If you’re into service, offer them a free strategy.
  • You can even offer them a free copy of your ebook irrespective of your business type.
Would you like to give Surveybot a try? It’s free! Get started now.
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Johnny Tong

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