Create Effective Facebook Surveys for your Business
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Create mobile-friendly Facebook surveys on the go. Build surveys on Facebook without any hassles, share it and gather real-time insights to understand your audience better.

What is a Facebook Survey?

Facebook survey is the process of collecting feedback from respondents through Facebook, especially Facebook chats. As surveys are an important marketing tool for businesses, survey methods have evolved more efficiently. Facebook surveys are one of the most sought out survey techniques by marketers today to drive insights, generate leads and make better business decisions.

Why make a survey on Facebook : The benefits

Make use of the innovative facebook survey tool to reap huge benefits to your business. Create conversational Messenger surveys and get better results from your respondents.
  • Demographic options (wider reach)
    • Reach the 70 million users in Facebook from all over the world to extend your business. Do not underestimate the power of details like location, gender, age, and the interests of the people Facebook utilizes for marketers. Make good use of the marketing opportunity you can get with facebook surveys.
  • Extended possibilities for targeting
    • Extend your target capabilities with facebook messenger survey to its maximum. Optimise your business to target your market audience as Facebook has developed better AI and machine learning technology.
  • Increase sales
    • Take your marketing objective to its ultimate goal – higher sales – by creating survey on facebook. Let it be a facebook survey post, feedback form or messenger survey, with wide reach and higher engagement possibilities, you can witness drastic revenue uplift. .
  • Leveraging lazy facebook users
    • The leisurely scrolling users make a great deal for carrying out Facebook surveys. Who says no to rewards when offered during their free time to attempt some questions? Leverage this opportunity by catching users to get your job done in their free time.
  • High quality responses
    • As facebook survey is engaging and user friendly, the quality of the responses get higher. Facebook survey method does not bore the users with long winded questions or statements. Rather uses concise and logic questions to prompt participants to respond accurately and complete the survey.
  • Better engagement with audience
    • Make users a part of the conversation by actively listening to their issues, concerns and opinions. With a discussion like atmosphere in facebook chats, survey on facebook keeps the audience engaging and helps you connect with them.
  • Customized user experience
    • Give your people what they want through tailored customer experiences. Understand the problems of your consumers and set questions according to their preferences. Give quick resolutions to connect better with your potential customers and enhance your conversion rates.
  • More visits to website
    • Facebook surveys being home to better customer engagement, sales uplift, quality data and more, it is no short of driving traffic to your website too. Create survey on facebook to generate leads and grow your business.
  • Cost-effective
    • Looking for a cost-effective method to analyse your audience, collect information and carry out market research? Go for online survey tools, especially facebook survey as it can garner effective results too. You have a lot of free and low cost facebook survey tools available to get your job done.

What are the use cases of a Facebook Survey?

  • Lead generation
    • Collect valuable information from people who are interested in your product via Facebook Survey. With our pre-populated forms, allow users to easily provide contact and lead details useful for your business. In addition, auto-fill questions automatically fill answers by extracting information from the user’s profile.
  • Market Research
    • Know your audience and get deeper insights through Facebook survey campaigns in a matter of minutes. Use the opportunity of 2 billion Facebook users to carry out effective market research beyond comparison. Create responsive surveys to understand the experiences of your potential customers.
  • Customer feedback
    • Whether it’s negative or positive feedback, listen to your clients in the most engaging way to improve customer experience. Facebook feedback surveys offer a great platform to converse with your customers, understand the problem and take necessary actions to their needs. Grow your business by satisfying customer needs effectively.
  • Employee feedback
    • Employee feedback, an often overlooked element of market tools can drive the overall performance and development of your company. Improve employee engagement by resolving issues quickly through basic survey forms on Facebook. Dump the age old formal survey methods and bring in immersive facebook surveys to build a collaborative culture.
  • Academic research
    • Not just businesses, academic researchers can form a voice of authority and create knowledge with a dynamic survey on Facebook page. Get started with these survey forms to evolve, change perspectives, and have a greater understanding of life.
  • Social media research
    • Analyze social media by conducting quantitative or qualitative research through Facebook survey post, messenger survey, or survey ads. Social media being an integral part of everyone’s daily life, you get more current, accurate, and faster data than from any other medium.
  • Event planning
    • Planning an event without knowing your participants’ mind? Well, it’s hard to say how effective that is going to turn out. This is why it is important to make use of Facebook survey post or facebook messenger survey to understand customer preferences and expectations to make the event extraordinary.
  • Product-market fit
    • Get to know if your product or brand is really worth in the market through a compelling facebook survey. Ask your users how they would feel if your product is no longer available with open ended questions. Set a threshold of 40% ‘very disappointed’ responses to gauge your fit in the market.

What are the different types of questions to ask in a Facebook Survey?

  • Multiple choice
    • Go for the most popular and effective way of asking questions in Facebook survey – multiple choice questions. This win-win scheme allows the respondents to have an easier survey taking experience as well as produce structured and easy to analyze response data for marketers.
  • Checkboxes
    • Give more power to the customers by letting them choose multiple options from the list of choices you provide. Unlike multiple choice questions where only a single option can be chosen, checkboxes open room to complex research possibilities.
  • Likert Scale
    • Get more in depth answers by this universal method of survey questions through Facebook platform. Measure your customer’s attitudes and opinions regarding business or products in the easiest way.
  • NPS
    • NPS or net promoter score indicates customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Generate scores ranging from -100 to 100 and simplify your customer experience value to analyze your potential, improve performance, and take action.
  • Text
    • Provide text boxes for users to fill up information like name, address or contact details. Also use them to get additional explanation regarding their opinions, complaints or values for a certain question or statement.
  • Image questions/ survey
    • Turn up boring text surveys by adding images as options to your open ended questions. Same as the multiple choice questions, the only difference in image survey is that the respondents get to choose from multiple images rather than text options.
  • Video questions/ survey
    • Now there are image questions, why not engage and entertain the audience with embedded video questions? Discover the new and fun way of creating surveys with video to grab the attention of participants and increase the overall engagement rate.

How to create a survey on Facebook via Surveybot?

Create surveys via Facebook in a breeze with Surveybot by just a few steps.
  • Build your Facebook Messenger survey using app
    • Create conversational surveys using our Facebook messenger survey tool to get accurate responses from users.
  • Add variable to save response data
    • Add a variable to save critical survey response data to your Facebook Messenger contacts.
  • Export your survey responses.
    • Export survey responses as CSV format for convenient analysis of the report.

How to analyze the results of Facebook Messenger Survey with Surveybot?

When it comes to research analysis, Surveybot has the most straight forward process to get the results.
  • Question summaries
    • Discover comprehensible summaries of the question and answers with additional charts and statistics.
  • Individual responses
    • View the received responses separately to differentiate response patterns and derive accurate analysis reports.
  • Measure Campaign performance
    • Now having the reports and statistics, analyze and compare data by filtering to draw conclusions.
  • Export to CSV
    • Export the survey reports to CSV and easily share them to collaborate with the team.

Surveybot – Your Ideal Facebook Survey Builder

From market research to lead generation, Surveybot meets the marketing needs of your business.
  • Drag n drop Facebook Survey builder
    • Surveybot lets you build surveys easily with a unique drag and drop questions feature. The user friendly dashboard navigates you in the right flow of process. All you have to do is add your question once and then just drag and drop them to create multiple ones.
  • Survey within Messenger
    • With more and more people spending their time on messaging apps for communication, it’s high time for you to switch to messengers to conduct surveys, get leads and improve business. Surveybot offers a platform to make a survey on Facebook and let users to conveniently answer the questions.
  • Personalize user experience
    • Leverage the personalization feature of messengers to the maximum through Surveybot to do effective facebook market research. Customize with thoughtful and relevant messages to drive conversations and in turn build customer engagement. Boost upto 30% revenue growth by initiating personalization through Surveybot.
  • Distribute Surveys
    • Distribute your created surveys through various channels to get quality responses. Surveybot offers outlets like facebook messenger, facebook ads, facebook posts, unique survey link, unique messenger code and SMS to share the survey either to a specific target or to a large number of people at once.
  • Create custom survey panel
    • Build a custom survey panel with all your connections filtered by their profile attributes. Get a segmented panel according to those who completed or who did not complete the survey, question and answer category and more.
  • Procure reliable responses
    • Worry less about reliability of data source as Surveybot optimizes responses with conversational logic and higher user engagement. Make informed decisions, improve customer relations and target audience better with reliable and quality data sets.

Build flawless Facebook Surveys with Surveybot

Try our Facebook survey builder for free.
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