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We’re excited to announce the launch of Profile Fields. Profile fields allow you to link any question that you ask in your surveys back to fields on your respondents profiles. This can be handy for things like CRM records and ensuring that you don’t have to ask the same questions to your respondents all the time. Check it out below:

Creating questions

Whenever you create a question you can link the answer to a profile field. Just select the “Profile” tab on the question and select the profile field you want to link to.
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Skipping questions

If a respondent already has data for a profile field then the question can automatically be skipped.
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Report on profile fields when you export survey or audience reports. Profile data includes default facebook fields like gender, name, timezone as well as Surveybot profile fields.
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CRM Integrations

With profile questions linking data back to your CRM is now easier than ever. We’re currently taking expressions of interest for specific CRM integrations. If you would like to integrate your CRM with Surveybot please contact us below.
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If you are interested in using Profile fields for custom fields that aren’t including in the Surveybot profile fields please let us know as we’re looking at developing this functionality if our users need it.

We hope you like these changes! If you have any feedback or other question types you’d like us to add please get in touch via email