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Here’s all the details of our latest Surveybot update for June. This is the first update since launching our beta. Thanks again to everyone that has shared their feedback with us. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch!

Rich content messages

We’ve added a bunch of new message types to help you give your surveys more personality. These include Images, Videos, Cards, Card carousels and more. You can check out all the message types here.
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Quick replies in messages

Make your surveys more interactive and break up messages using quick replies. Easily add quick replies to any message in your survey.
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Only send logic

Setup logic on your questions and messages to only send them based on answers to previous questions in the current survey.
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Quiz logic

Set a correct answer value for each of your questions to build quiz logic. Combine with only send logic to only send questions/messages based on the total correct answers.
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Trigger campaigns

Trigger follow up surveys or sequences whenever someone completes a survey. Setup delays to schedule the triggered followup at a later time or trigger immediately.
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Custom panel fields

Create custom fields for your panel respondents. Populate the fields by linking answers to them and even include the data in your custom integrations and exports.
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Automatically tag respondents when they answer your surveys. Setup conditions for each tag to only tag based on the respondent’s answers.
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Preview surveys

When designing your surveys you can now preview your survey in Messenger and Workplace. You’ll notice a new “Preview Survey” button on the top right.
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Survey builder optimizations

We’ve continued developing our survey builder and have made various improvements to it. You’ll now find that it loads a lot quicker and adjusts to your current position when you’re editing individual questions. We’ve also made the Welcome message more flexible so you can use any of the new rich content messages and quick replies on your welcome messages.
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New question content types

You can now add more content types to your questions for surveying content. The new content types in addition to images are video, audio and documents.
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New API’s

We’ve added two new endpoints to our API to help you with integrating Surveybot in to your workflows. The new endpoints are:
  • Update Respondent Attributes – This endpoint enables you to set profile and custom fields on a respondent. This is handy if you want to calculate some values in your own system before sending them back to the respondent in a message or question.
  • Campaign Triggers – This endpoint enables you to start trigger campaigns for a specific respondent. Used in conjunction with the update respondent endpoint you can set values before sending a trigger campaign.

Improved Zapier integration

We’ve improved our integration with Zapier so that it now includes:
  • Linking individual question answers to fields in your other systems.
  • Custom fields that you have created for your panels.
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We hope you like this update! If you have any feedback or other suggestions please get in touch via email or go and check them out at
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Johnny Tong

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