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We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Surveybot alpha release. We’ve been working really hard on making Surveybot more intuitive for everyone to use. That means not just for businesses or organisations with a Facebook presence, but anyone who wants to survey people.
We’ve also integrated with some of the new features that Facebook has recently released for the Facebook messenger bot platform.
Here’s some of the changes we’ve made to Surveybot in this Alpha release:
  • Create surveys without using your own Facebook page – previously on Surveybot in order to create a survey you had to link it to a Facebook page which you own. You can now create your own surveys that are linked to the Surveybot Facebook page if you don’t want to use one of your own Facebook pages.
  • Unique links to your survey – when you create a survey in Surveybot you’ll now have a unique link which when followed will start your survey in Facebook Messenger. Previously when creating a survey it would take over your Facebook page whenever someone started a conversation with it. With this new feature you no longer have to start the survey automatically, it will just start when someone goes to your survey’s link. If however you do want to automatically start your survey when someone goes to your page, you can still do this.
  • Run multiple surveys live at once – with the addition of the unique links for surveys this also means you can run multiple surveys in conjunction on your Facebook page at any one time.
  • Survey response reports – You can now easily analyze your survey responses in your Surveybot dashboard. Here you can see summaries of your survey responses as well as review individual responses and respondents.
  • Increased multi choice options – you can now have up to 11 options for multichoice questions in your surveys.
  • Messages in your surveys – when creating your survey you can now send messages in between questions that don’t require answers. This can be handy if you want to set some context before asking the respondent a question.
  • Send surveys to your existing respondents – as you acquire respondents within Surveybot from answering questions in your surveys you can send them additional surveys directly to Facebook messenger from the Surveybot dashboard.
  • Sign up to Surveybot without a Facebook account – you can now sign up to Surveybot without a Facebook account. If you do so you won’t be able to create surveys for Facebook pages, but if you decide later on you wish to do this you can connect your Facebook account to your Surveybot account.
  • NPS question type – easily collect NPS scores from your audience with the new NPS question type.
To get started with all these new features head over to
If you want to try out our example survey on facebook messenger check it out here.
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Johnny Tong

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